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The Return to Aztlán

The Return to Aztlán is an epic tale where myths and legends come alive, where ancient languages and indigenous gods find new relevancy and play instrumental roles. It is a story of messiahs and politics, of mass movements and mystic needs, of natural disasters and fabled homelands, of emptiness, of spiritual hunger, of loss and of conquest. And you can read it right now on this website for free. You don't even have to log in.

Vasilio: This young prodigy-scientist stands at the verge of curing a viral epidemic plaguing the American southwest. Unwittingly he is drawn into a violent political conflict by Athena, a university student incensed by the inequities of class and race.

Miguel Angel: This grandfatherly icon of Mexican polemics finds himself the "leader" of a mass movement he did not create and cannot control. Visions of ancient hieroglyphics haunt him and guide him.

Marielena: Her transcendental love unites and heals her family through their bitter life in the Mexico City slums. Dignity, her family draws from her, and the strength for a journey of two thousand kilometers.

Chato: This sixteen-year-old's demented rage becomes the flame that quickens the fire of the Mesoamerican Sixth Sun.

The Return to Aztlán is a full-length novel portraying the end of the Mesoamerican Fifth Sun, which is being much talked about right now in terms of the Mayan Calendar. You can read it right here for free. And you will not be distracted by advertisements. If you want to sample shorter works by John Dishwasher before embarking on this mystic epic, you are free to do so.

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