"Material Safety"

Updates on hiatus while I delve into the extraordinarly stimulating world of zines. Updates will have to return because I got piles of junk to post. Meanwhile, my zine experiments are here.

Next Update (Early, 2067):
Slowly this tale crawls inside you. Then, whether you believe in the supernatural or not, you find yourself looking over your shoulder. A ghost story like no other. Welcome to "The Dark Empty House."

Now Featuring (December, 2018):
Always seems like the worst paid person in the building is doing the most dangerous work. In "Material Safety" we witness an understated showdown between a janitor and the CEO of a data mining firm. Can you guess who wins? Here's a hint: The story is based on something that actually happened to me while working as a janitor, not on some fantasy I cooked up. Coming next.

Last Update (August, 2018):
In "Some Cautious Admonitions Concerning Death and Snack Cakes" a congress of board members from an interstellar snack conglomerate meet. The uncommon structure of this story, its chancy language and macabre humor work together to reveal a self-serving corporate ethos applied at the galactic scale. Bite this!

Previous Update (April, 2018):
You're chatting with your boyfriend as he speeds down the highway and suddenly the call drops. What happened? Find out in "The Dropped Call." An audio drama version of this story was produced for an American audience by Shoestring Radio Theatre in San Fransisco. It's dramatic version won a prize in the 2017 Helen Jean Play Contest.

Previous Update (December, 2017):
An examination of what motivates the 'American Massacre'. Please note the disclaimer at the top of this essay. "Shooters and Saints."

Previous Update (July, 2017):
Whew! Little Lily was so tired of brushing her teeth that she decided to take a break from her body altogether. What she didn't expect was to find other spirits hanging around her favorite park. Read about her summertime adventure in "The Happy Transfusion of Little Lily Lovesun."

Previous Update (April, 2017):
In a future form of English (extrapolated from modern texting habits) we read the story of an apocalyptic end to humankind, and the possible fate of those responsible for it. Note: Posting this story on Reddit got me banned from r/anonymous forever. Yes, THAT Anonymous. Really? The "Flash Mob" awaits you. Translation included.

Previous Update (December, 2016):
A few words on behalf of the billions of people on Earth who will never read a Facebook post, write a blog, or learn the function of a hash tag. "Poverty and Silence" is a short essay for those without a voice.

Previous Update (August, 2016):
The path to spiritual liberation can be trying. Here a beleaguered pizza cook's awakening falls far short of the idealized leap into nirvana. "Fuse." Watch it burn.

Previous Update (April, 2016):
A harassed boy goes berzerk with a piñata pole and discovers his own identity. Tired of people telling you what to do? Then this story is for you! Put on that blindfold and prepare yourself for "The Pink Donkey." Hilarious vicarious destruction right here.

Previous Update (December, 2015):
So this ancient Greek grandmother has a problem with 1970s American sit-coms. Seriously. Axolotl Magazine praised this short piece with words like "awestruck," "weird" and "inscrutable." Can one reconcile an Ewok with Hercules? Yes one can. See for yourself in "Here's the Story of a Lovely Lady Who Was Bringing Up Three Very Lovely Girls."

Previous Update (August, 2015):
Fashion, surf, beefcake, and nipples all flavor your coffee as you people-watch from a southern California sidewalk table. "impressions: beach café:" 105 poems that are so short you can read them all at once in under 10 minutes.

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